Event Design & Floral

We produce and design a small number of weddings and events each year. In order to create a fresh, cohesive and unified style, we usually manage the entire design of the event, including florals, approximately half of the flowers we use come from our garden or micro farm. We listen to you, to your ideas during our preliminary consultation, and we use your unique personality to create an inspiring atmosphere, to bring your inspiration to life.

We love to use natural materials, scents, texture, textiles, flowers, adding meaning to every detail. We don't transform the venue you decided on, but elevate the location in every corner.

Starting at $ 3,000 for floral & design

Editorial Design

We work with companies in South America who want to elevate their brand by crafting a unique experience for their clients. After a 3-hour consultation with you, we will determine what your clients need to see, the aesthetic of the project, while staying true to the essence of your brand. We will be there from concept, creation to the styled shoot itself.

Starting at $ 900

Interiors & Furniture design

For small and medium size South American companies who want to take their brand image and service to another level, MaySeven offers Interior design for commercial and retail.

We like to use raw, natural materials, textures, colors, we mix ideas, we think about the history of the place, the company's true message...

We are very eclectic when it comes to create something unique for your company and for your clients, yet one of our characteristics is simplicity. We design furniture and art-de-la-table durable and high-quality products.


For wedding planning www.eticaevents.com