We are two grateful souls,

And our gratitude is reflected in our work.

The most tastefully designed and executed weddings are ultimately centered around gratitude.

Imagine your wedding day, you two are here, happy to celebrate your union , fortunate to be present, grateful to have those people gathering around the table, drinking wine in your honor. You want to show your family that you are grateful to have them in your life on this special day, by making them feel welcome, by giving them an amazing time. We help you reach that state of happiness and gratefulness by delivering a uniquely designed wedding, naturally.


The design philosophy behind MAYSEVEN is everything around us is inspiring. We find magic everywhere; in every flower, or leave, in an old building, in a smile, touching a fabric or smelling a surprising scent.

We incorporate our vision to small and big details the same.

We are constantly inspired nature, culture, and art.

Assyah is well known for her organic and artful style.